Medical Mystery: The Woman Has Fingernails All Over Her Body

Medical Mystery: The Woman Has Fingernails All Over Her Body Instead Of Hair, And Doctors Have No Cure


April 20, 2018 15:18 By Mambee

The medical mystery – the woman from Memphis, Shanyna Isom, stunned the medical world with her unique condition. In fact, the doctors claim she is the one in the world to suffer from it.

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The woman’s whole body is covered with fingernails instead of hair, and there is no cure found for this disease.

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Shanyna Isom was stricken with a dangerous asthma attack back in 2009 when it all started. In the emergency room, she was exposed to the large dose of steroid that saved her life, however, triggered the unexplainable changes to her body.

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Her mother Kathy Gary remembers: “Black scabs were coming out of her skin”. Isom’s body started to itch severely, and after that, her leg turned black.

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The medical workers had no clue what was happening. Meanwhile, the disease was progressing. As all the possible tests came negative, the woman was under any possible medication but it seemed to worsen her condition.

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Unfortunately, it causes terrible pain and affects Shanyna’s vision and mobility. Despite that, she tries to keep her head up.

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In her blog Pray for Shanyna, she reveals: “It has taken all of my hair out and has left my body with scabs all over it, plus I have lost about 200 pounds. Two years ago, I was a healthy woman on my own ... had big dreams and goals that I was following until one day my body completely shut down on me.”

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Doctors realized that her hair follicles produced nails instead of hair, and her skin lacked oxygen because of it. Additionally, the woman was found to have a significant deficiency of the vitamins A, B, C, D, and K.

Isom has been undergoing a treatment for eczema and allergy, and after neither of it worked, doctors keep wondering what is causing the mysterious disease.

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Isom’s mother claims, she is feeling better. She almost started developing depression, but then her condition improved, and she started to feel grateful for everything that is happening to her.

I saw a little girl, 4 or 5 years old, and she was walking through the same hall and had the biggest smile on her face," said Isom. "She had braces from [her] hip to her feet and had a walker and held her head up so high. I thought, 'If she can, I can. I had a life. This baby is trying to have a life.' ... I fed off her energy.

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Despite the hardship, she feels “blessed” to have huge support from family and friends. And she keeps having hope that the cure will be found!


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