Elderly Couple Stomp The Yard And Show Us That Dancing Isn't Just For The Young


December 4, 2018 11:44 By Mambee

There are many simple pleasures available to us: Singing, watching a movie, eating, and many other little things. Perhaps, one of the greatest of life's many pleasures is dancing

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Things can get harsh sometimes, and compounded stress can indeed weigh on a person. At times like that, few things make us feel lighter than listening to a good beat and just letting loose on the nearest dance floor.

It's an epic release that has been known to calm the nerves and soothe worried thoughts.

Many dancers, especially those who dance professionally, are aware of the fact that like most other exercises, dancing can be quite strenuous on the body. For this reason, dancing is often considered something meant for younger people.

Then, if this fantastic viral video featuring an elderly couple from Fredericksburg, in Virginia, is anything to go by, that last statement isn't always true.

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Nick and his beautiful wife, Emma Nichols, have been together for 48 years and were spotted at the mall getting real funky to ‘Uptown Funk’, by Bruno Mars.

Despite being fairly advanced in age, Nick and Emma were pretty agile and limber as they pulled off some lovely moves to the admiration of a vast crowd that gathered to watch.

It turns out that the couple has been known to dance all over the country in this fashion, even though it was the mall escapade that brought them to the limelight.

The cute couple also has a Facebook page, Nick And Emma Dancers, which chronicles their dance adventures and even their talk show appearances.

It may appear to many that they dance for fun, but Nick would have us know it is much deeper than that. According to him, their dancing shows and strengthens the love he and Emma have for each other.

Nick and Emma's viral video has restored the faith of many people in neverending love. As long as there's love, we can always have fun, no matter how old we are.

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