Creative-Bride: Wife Makes Wedding Dress From Parachute That Saved Her WWII Veteran Husband’s Life

Date February 5, 2019

Wedding planning is a very daunting task for a couple about to tie the knot. However, picking the perfect wedding dress is even more challenging.

This is why every lady always has an idea of what they want to look like on their wedding day right form a very tender age.

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Creative-Bride: Wife Makes Wedding Dress From Parachute That Saved Her WWII Veteran Husband’s Lifevladibulgakov /

Some even go the extent of designing what they want they way want it. As the perfect dress, it  commensurates a good wedding.

However, Ruth, who was a bride back in 1947, was faced with a difficult situation when her husband-to-be proposed to her with a parachute and requested her to make a wedding dress out of it.

Major Claude Hensinger, Ruth’s husband, was an American B-29 pilot during the World War II and, in 1944, while he was returning home, his engine caught fire from a bombing raid over Yowata, in Japan.

He and his crew had no other choice but to evacuate the plane. He landed on some rocks in China with the help of his parachute and was able to use the it as a cover, and even a pillow, while he stayed on the rocks.

He and his crew were rescued the following day and returned home.

That same year, Major and Ruth started dating, and after a year of courting her, he proposed. He had with him the same parachute that saved his life, and he told his soon-to-be wife how he would love for her to make a wedding dress out of the chute.

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Ruth couldn’t be happier at the proposal, but she also thought about how she was going to make a wedding dress out of 16 gores of nylon.

Thankfully, Scarlet O’Hara had done something incredible in ‘Gone With The Wind’ when she made an astonishing dress from her curtains, and this made it less challenging for Ruth as she emulated the pattern from the dress displayed in a window, which was similar to the one Scarlet O’Hara had made.

She engaged the help of Hilda Buck, a seamstress, and both of them made the perfect dress out of the parachute.

At Neffs Luther Church in Pennsylvania, on July 19, 1947, Ruth and Major Claude married each other. The Major was elated to be reunited with his parachute and the love of his life.

The dress was subsequently worn by other brides until it retired. Now, the dress is an installation at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of America History, where it can be admired for years to come.

It is pretty exhilarating to know that one could make a dress out of anything especially when the mind is set on the right course. People can do the unimaginable if they set their mind to it.

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