Beauty Queen Shocks Millions All Over The World By Donating All Her Earnings, Worth 1 Billion VND, To Charity


January 8, 2019 18:30 By Mambee

A lot comes with being a beauty queen, and much more when you're one of the Top 5 in the world. These include attention, glamor, and luxuries, thereby making it easy to get lost in the drama.

However, H’Hen Niê, who is the crowned Miss Vietnam and one of the Top 5 runner-ups for 2018 Miss Universe Pageant, took the world by storm with a gracious act.

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She donated her total earnings from the world pageant, worth 1 billion Vietnamese Dong (VND), which is approximately U$ 43,000, to charity without keeping anything to herself.

The world was met with the surprising news of her decision when it was announced by her management through her Instagram page.


I highly appreciate the sponsors accompanying me in the community projects. Especially, when I came back from Miss Universe 2018, I could feel deeply your love. With the prize award valued at 1,000,000,000 VND from: Nam A Bank, VIFON, Unicorp, Doi Dep.... It is the highest amount of money i got so far. However, my Mom said that in case I didn’t have to earn it hard, I should give this money to others. It was wonderful things I’ve learned from my Mom ❤️ Thus, I want to spend all my prize on developing society and building community campaigns. I desire to make my promise with my beloved village, supporting poor children with scholarships, completing @roomtoread campaign to be able to build more friendly library, as well as supporting female students all over the world. Thank you very much, all of you, from the bottom of my heart ❤️

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They uploaded an image of H’Hen Niê in her signature pixie haircut, and followed it up with a caption that informed her fans that she was donating all the money.

 The management also mentioned that it was going towards her social activities, which she was committed to completing.


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Fans went berserk on hearing the news, showering her with lots of compliments.

H’Hen Niê followed up with a message on her personal Instagram page thanking the sponsors and giving credit to her mother for inspiring the charitable gesture.

A part which caught many people's attention was where she wrote:

“ (...) it is the highest amount of money I got so far. However, my mom said that in case I didn’t have to earn it hard, I should give this money to others.”


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And this, she did. This wouldn't be the foremost time H’Hen Niê would show extreme commitment to helping her community.

Earlier, she was part of a project that opened a public library to help increase literacy among children in the country.

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For that purpose, she used money earned from winning the national beauty pageant in Vietnam. She is also a member of several international organizations, such as Room to Read, and plays active roles in community development.


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H’Hen Niê has been hailed far and wide for her acts, which are guaranteed to help less privileged children in her community.


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Among them, she is a symbol of hope and, to the rest of the world, she serves as a source of inspiration. We wish her the best in her endeavors.

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