“I Am Not Gone” Mother Bursts Into Tears As She Opens Special Gift For Her Newborn That Reminds Her Of Her Late Grandmother.


October 29, 2018 18:27 By Mambee

The memory of losing someone can be a painful one, especially if the person shared an extraordinary connection with you. You feel like you've lost a part of yourself.

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So much so, your loss becomes all the more painful when special things happen, and you can no longer share it with them.

The birth of new life can be a source of consolation to someone who has just lost a loved one, but then, sometimes, your loved ones are not entirely gone as they will always always be there somehow look out for you.  

Meet Becka Boggan, an expecting mother who was celebrated her unborn daughter's baby shower with a partially broken heart.

Becka had lost her grandmother, Lois in April 2017. This was a harrowing experience for Becka as she and her grandmother shared an exceptional bond only few could understand.  

Becka had gone through a lot of pain and agony when her grandma died, crying her eyes out and wishing her back to life. Surprisingly, a light shined on Becka when she received an unexpected gift while searching for lotion a particular night.

She found a box in her grandmother’s room with ‘1st Christmas’ written on it in her grandmama's handwriting. Becka opened the box to find the cutest little onesie.

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This came as a very special surprise for Becka as she had just been thinking of shopping for her baby’s first Christmas.

Two weeks later was the set day for the baby shower. Her friends and family alike noticed Becka was sad and they all knew the reason why: She could not share the special moment with her grandmama.

So together they all decided to make a special gift for both Becka and her baby. Opening her gifts, Becka saw her grandmama’s old shirt in one, remade for her little girl with the note that read:

She burst into tears, naming the gift the best one she ever got.

Becka promises to keep her grandmama’s memory alive, telling her little Parker all about her great-grandmama always. How sweet! 

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