Pub Landlady Gives Touching Welcome To A Man With a Disabled Child And Says That Those Who Make Snide Comments Will Be Asked To Leave

Date October 31, 2018 12:59

Being a parent is hard enough, but when you add a child with a disability to that mix, it is tougher. Thus, one can only imagine the horror this man had been through to make him have this thought-provoking conversation with the pub landlady.

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It was Sunday, just after an English football match. This man walked into The Barrel Chapeltown in Sheffield, England, to make a weird request. 

He approached the pub landlady, Steph Tate, 29, to ask if he could come in with his son, who is a wheelchair user.

Tate was surprised that he felt the need to ask as many other families were also there.

It was then this timid parent explained that his son sometimes made loud noises, waving his hands about in ways that drew people's attention and unkind remarks.

Tate was crushed to learn that this parent, who already had a lot on his plate, also had to worry about what others would say about his son.

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An interview with Huff Post revealed more about the family.

The Adams are blessed with 13-year-old Matthew, who suffers from a sensory processing disorder. He needs to use a wheelchair, and he is prone to screaming, throwing his arms in the air and banging his head against his wheelchair when he is excited. 

Often, the family has been the victims of insults for ‘ruining other people’s evenings’ whenever they went out. Fortunately, Tate was not one of such people. 

According to her Facebook post, which has since been liked almost 5,000 times, she was firm when she said that they were more than welcome.

She added that if anyone were rude or negative, they, not the family, would get the boot.

Her response has won the hearts of many who have recounted their stories as disabled people, and the respect of those who find the poor treatment the disabled usually get appalling.

Beyond welcoming this particular family, she threw an open invitation to as many disabled people and their families as wanted to visit her pub, even those with special equipment!

Talk about a woman with both grit and a heart! We all should learn from Tate.

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