She Is World's Most Beautiful Air-Hostess, Love-Struck Passenger Claims

Date October 22, 2018 12:03

Love is everywhere and can be found anywhere.  Some say love is beauty and beauty is love.  

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The beauty of an air-hostess has caused a passenger, and subsequently thousands of fans, to fall in love with her.

The Internet has been going ablaze with the viral photos of Mabel Goo, a 24-year-old air attendant on Air Asia.  


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The candid pictures were taken by George Wong, a passenger in the plane, as she was sharing snacks around.

He shared it on his Facebook account, where he praised the services of the airline and Mabel's beauty. The photo quickly got 4000 likes, 2000 shares and a flood of comments.

George Wong was on an Air Asia flight from Hong Kong on October, 12th. With different people praising the air hostess’ beauty and even wishing to meet her in person, it seems like Mabel Goo has become a superstar overnight and already has a lot of fans.

24-year-old Mabel, who lives in Malaysia describes herself as a freelance dancer and also a business student.

She loved the online praises and admiration and even reposted them on her Instagram story. The effect of this tripled her followers to 80,000! 

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However, some people on the internet have criticized the photos and the attention it was rapidly gaining, calling it creepy, intrusive and even questioning George Wong's Intentions in taking and posting the pictures, or whether he got permission before doing so. 


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The stewardess from Kuala Lumpur does not seem to mind the attention flooding the pictures.


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The only thing baffling her is why the pictures are gaining so much attention as she does not see much to them, but she appreciated the nice words people have said about her and her beauty.


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Mabel took the opportunity to talk about her love for dancing and her love for traveling to new cities around the world.


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The Chinese flight attendant regularly shares pictures of her glamorous life on her social media accounts, looking beautiful as ever.


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She then took time to reassure some of her fans who branded the post intrusive by reposting them on her Instagram.