Blind Auditioner On American Idol Moves Iconic Singer Lionel Richie To Tears As She Sings ‘Rise’


March 11, 2019 11:15 By Mambee

On music talent shows like ‘American Idol’ or ‘The Voice,’ it takes a lot of talent and skill to be able to move the judges to tears, as they are often the most experienced and talented of musicians.

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However, this high school student achieved that feat not only because of her tremendous voice but also her background story.

The young girl, Shayy, arrived in front of the judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan with a cane. Before belting out her notes, Shayy explained to them why she was holding a cane.


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Shayy recounted that a year ago she complained to her mother of not being able to see the whiteboard and was taken to the hospital.

It was there that they confirmed that she had a brain tumor. They did all they could to save her, but she lost her sight in the process.


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After telling her story, the 17-year-old went on to sing ‘Rise', by Andra Day. The first notes that came out of her mouth sent chills up the spines of the judges. She sounded like an angel.

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As she got to the chorus of the song, iconic singer Lionel Richie couldn’t help himself as a tear rolled down his eyes. He apparently was touched by her soulful performance. Katy and Luke looked on in amazement as she continued singing.

Blind Auditioner On American Idol Moves Iconic Singer Lionel Richie To Tears As She Sings ‘Rise’American Idol / YouTube

At the end of her emotional performance, the judges praised her and Katy calling her an angel. Lionel went on stage to hug her and said:

"You have wrecked me. Thank you for that. You're a lesson to us all, OK? Because it's the power of the spirit, and you're the reminder of just how blessed we are."

Shayy qualified to perform with other great singers in the finals, and we look forward to hearing more of her fantastic voice.

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