Impressive Firefall At Yosemite National Park Has Returned F

Impressive Firefall At Yosemite National Park Has Returned For Its Annual Visit, And Images Captured Are Mind-Blowing


February 22, 2019 18:57 By Mambee

Yosemite National Park's Firefall is one of the most mesmerizing views in the world. It takes place in February every year to dazzle onlookers for a few days, and it is this year's time for the Firefall's yearly visit.

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The spectacular scene gives the impression that lava gushing over a cliff, glowing orange and red.

The weather and the water flow in Horsetail Fall play key roles in the event of the Firefall. Each year, the illusion varies in appearance according to the weather. The setting sun adds a touch that makes it bloom when it illuminates the waterfall at a perfect angle.


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Despite this year's snow and storms causing caused some irregularities, the view remains impeccable. Vaché Geyoghlian, a photographer from Fresno, California, captured some impressive photos of the Firefall and told CNN:

"My reaction was complete amazement. I was overwhelmed with excitement to finally get to see it in person and get some good shots of it too.”


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Although photographer Galen Rowell premiered photos of the Firefall in 1973, it wasn’t until the era of social media that the natural phenomenon gained global recognition.

The Firefall has been around for years and nobody has gotten tired of it so far.

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This year's view lasts till the weekend and hundreds of people have seized the opportunity to experience the immaculate Firefall. The phenomenon has interesting detailing and gives the people, in and out of California, something to anticipate.


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It is indeed a mesmerizing sight that depicts the true beauty of nature. We can't wait for next year's view!

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