"I Don’t See Myself As Different": Girl Born Without Legs And Arms Proves That Anything Is Possible As She Becomes A Weightlifter

Date October 1, 2018

Lindsay Hilton was born 30 years ago without arms or legs, but that did not stop her from being all that she wanted to be.


Допис, поширений Lindsay Melanson (@lahltn)

The inspiring woman owes her fame to videos of her stunning work out at CrossFit. This is a fitness program that allows one to strengthen the skeletal structure by engaging in weightlifting, squats, running, push-ups, and gymnastics.

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Her success story began when she stumbled upon the program by accident at a rugby game she attended.

Their stand was set up at the game, and free membership was being given out to the person who could do the most ‘burpees.’ Hilton won with 34 burpees in 60 seconds, and the rest is history.


Допис, поширений Lindsay Melanson (@lahltn)

However, Hilton did not become this fitness sensation overnight. Ever since she was a child, she has had a love for athletics. This drove her to work hard in order to be a member of the soccer team in middle school.


Допис, поширений Lindsay Melanson (@lahltn)

She also played field hockey and rugby in high school. Hilton continued the latter through college and, afterwards, she made it into Halifax Tars, which she still plays for.

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She described her childhood as great, giving credit to the coaches and teachers who spurred her on. She recalled that they told her to always figure out how things could work out for her rather than think it was too risky.

The young woman told Washington Post that,

'People have always called me inspirational throughout my entire life. I just think, you know, I’m kind of doing everyday activities. Because I’ve been the same way my whole life, I don’t see myself as different than anybody else. I’m not setting out to be inspirational. I am trying to do things that I enjoy and challenge me.'

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Her ability to see herself as every normal person, regardless of her disability, is what launched Hilton into the person that she is now.

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She also said,

'I don’t want to be ‘good for someone without arms and legs’. I want to be good.'

Through Hilton’s life, we learn that there is no excuse for not being all you dream of being. Despite the obstacles before her, she figured a way to make them work for her.

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We all should emulate Hilton’s life. She is truly exemplary

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