This 4-Year-Old Girl Blew The Crowd Away With A Rendition Of A 40-Year-Old Song

Date September 28, 2018

Sophie Fatu might be only four years old, but she has a voice for the ages. This little angel enthralled the crowd when she performed the song 'My Way', by Frank Sinatra. The over forty-year-old classic popular song back in 1969 was rendered beautifully, and with passion and fervor, to the bewilderment of everyone.

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For her age, Sophie's choice of song is surprising. She obviously has got an old soul. Sophie's mom, Vicky, stated that Sophie loves nothing more than to belt out Frank Sinatra songs anywhere and everywhere, What a marvellous child!

Frank Sinatra must be proud of her.

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Her performance at America's Got Talent was off the charts. She exhibited charisma and confidence despite the huge crowd. From the moment of her introduction, she became the favorite of all the judges.

She looked at ease as the melodious tune flowed from her soul. In the end, the crowd and the judges gave a standing ovation to the little bundle of talent. The judges couldn't hold back their 'yes', for she left everyone overwhelmed.

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Sophie must be acknowledged for the wonderful attributes she possesses. She has a melodious voice, good taste in music, and a charisma that commands attention. All these put together has generated a fan base that hopes to see more of her in the music Industry.

In the meantime, a round of applause for the wonder child singer!

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