Surreal! 20-Foot Long Ancient Cross Was Found Washed Up On A

Surreal! 20-Foot Long Ancient Cross Was Found Washed Up On A Beach In South Florida


February 7, 2019 16:39 By Mambee

The oceans have collected many secrets over milennia, and sometimes some of them surface and find their way to shore.

However, seeing a 20-foot cross come out of nowhere is much of a stunner, and it's got the news buzzing in South Florida.

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Surreal! 20-Foot Long Ancient Cross Was Found Washed Up On A Beach In South FloridaTono Balaguer /

On Monday, a large cross found on the shore at the back of Ocean Manor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale. Covered in seaweed and Barnacles, it was apparent it had been in the water for a long time.

John Moschella, who helped secure and move the cross, spoke to local news agency Fox 8 and disclosed that there were several opinions on where the cross might have come from.

“People have suggested possibly Puerto Rico. Others have said the Keys.”

However, he admitted that its origin remained utterly unknown.

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While speaking on the rare incidence, hotel owner Frank Talerico stated that he was in awe when he came across the cross and felt goosebumps.

He was particularly astonished because his sister had recently come to pray in an apartment quite close to the spot where the cross was found - only a few hours later.

Tourist Greg Gay who took videos of the occurrence and uploaded them to his Facebook page. He described it as a divine sign while speaking to a local news outlet.

He revealed that it led him to do some soul searching: 

“Something like that only happens once in a lifetime.”   

Talerico revealed that the cross would remain at the resort, and would not be gotten rid of anytime soon.

He encouraged those who wanted to have a peek or selfies to come over.

Whether it is a divine sign or not, giant crosses washing out of the ocean are very rare, indeed, and those individuals are lucky to have witnessed and captured that moment.

We wonder what other surprises the ocean has in store, don't you?

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