After Four Years Of Dating, Couple Finds Out They Were Long Lost Childhood Sweethearts

Date November 5, 2018

While some people find it hard to believe in fate, others can't help but be convinced of it. But, then again, some things happen to show you that, oh yes, there must be such a thing as fate. Some things are just meant to be. 

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This is Heidi and Ed Savitt's case. After four years of dating, when they were already planning to get married, they found out they had fallen in love once before, as children.

Ed and Heidi, both 26, met back in 2011 at Newcastle University. Ed was studying Psychology and Business, while Heidi, Economics and Management.

Ed had moved into a student house where Heidi had previously stayed, he needed help with some maintenance and had seen her number as a reference.

The two immediately kicked it off and started dating. They became inseparable as they went about doing everything together. Their love was exceptional!

Their love only blossomed and four years into their relationship, they had dinner with both their mothers: Fiona Savitt, Ed’s mum, and Kay Parker, Fiona’s mum. 

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Both mothers were getting to know each other and soon realized that, amongst other things, they shared a love for traveling during holidays.

Kay, Heidi's mother, then mentioned a particular holiday where Heidi had met a boy named Ed, and they couldn't stay away from each other.

Fiona dropped a glass in surprise, but then the conversation moved on to other things and that particular bit of news was seemingly.

Two weeks later, while dusting her attic, Kay found some pictures from a sailing holiday in Gumbet, Turkey. There was Heidi in the photos holding hands with a boy in a boyish haircut, but underneath the haircut, Kay could recognize Ed's face.

Screaming in disbelief, she called Fiona, who then went through her things and more pictures just kept on flowing. She described the moment saying,

“I was screaming it was so unreal.” 

The two, Ed and Heidi, in all the pictures, could be seen holding hands and grinning. Perhaps they knew somewhere in their young hearts that they were meant to be together forever.

The meant-to-be couple had a beautiful romantic wedding in August, at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, followed by a reception in Shillingford Farm with a late night dance and a pool party the next day.  

The two families quickly became close and went on holidays together. Ed and Heidi’s love is one written in the stars. We wish this lovely couple a happy married life! 

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