True Hero: Stranger Jumps Into A Moving Car To Save A Driver Who Had A Seizure At The Wheel

Date November 5, 2018 16:39

We all know Superman, Batman, and so many other famous movie heroes. However, real life heroes also out there, living inconspicuously among us and needing no capes or colourful suits to save lives. 

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These are individuals who go against all basic instincts, risking their lives to help others. Sometimes, we are fortunate to meet them, but most of the time we don't even get to hear or read about them. 

39-Year-Old Randy Thompkins is a real life hero. A video that shows him risking his life to save a total stranger with a very daring move has captured hearts all over the world.

Randy, unlike everyone else that day, chose to do what was right and may havevery well prevented a significant tragedy from taking place.

It was a busy day in Dixon, Illinois. A typical afternoon with cars speeding up and down the roads, as usual. But, then, a car suddenly ran a red light at a busy intersection.

Everyone had to hit their brakes, wondering what was happening. Everyone except Randy, who saw what was going on and had only a few seconds to make a decision. 

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The driver was having a seizure behind the wheel. Randy, spotting the problem as the car was coming towards him, reversed hisown vehicle immediately. He got his car to the side of the road and rushed out.

What was more amazing were Randy's next moves. This brave man ran to the passenger's side and dived in through the window, jumping to the helpless man's rescue.

He managed to stop the car and may have saved more than one life in the process.

The whole incident was captured by the dashboard cam of a police officer, who was coming right behind. While recounting the event, Randy, who was the hero of the day said:

I was worried, but I would do that for anybody. It just happened to be that I was in the right place at the right time.

The video has since gone viral! Of course, many people had good things to say about Randy and his heroic act, and one would expect nothing less.

This man risked his own life and jumped to save another person without thinking twice, we all should imitate Randy and learn to care for other humans even when the situation seems difficult. Randy is truly a hero!

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