‘It’s Been An Absolute Dream’: Premature Twins Weighing 1 Lb. Each Get Discharged After 4 Months And Make It Home For The Holidays

Date December 24, 2018 18:22

To be told that a long, harrowing battle of 4 months has finally come to an end is the best Christmas gift that anyone could wish for.

Thus, we understand the joy that Adam Mills, 31, and Jade Calvin, 24, are feeling now.

Through a series of deeply emotional posts on Facebook, Mills shared an experience that no parent ever wants to go through.

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Jade was only five-month pregnant when their twin boys had to be delivered through an emergency procedure on September 1st.

He implored friends and family to pray for his babies as they had a long journey until the boys named, Cain and Isaac, made it home.

The boys were born at Royal Preston Hospital, where they spent four months at the intensive care unit.

Knowing that the chances for survival were slim, Jade explained that she didn’t have high hopes at first.

However, she later learned that having spent days in labor played out in their favor because had the children been born a few days earlier, they would not have made it.

She said to North West Evening Mail:

“It’s been an absolute dream. To see them so tiny when they were born and to be able to take them home on Saturday is my perfect Christmas.”

When Isaac and Cain were born, they weighed just a pound each, equivalent to a pack of sugar.

They had to be placed in plastic bags to mimic the mother’s womb in the incubators.

The twins had to use ventilators until their 6th week, when Cain was taken off his but Isaac kept on fighting to make the turn towards good health.

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Unfortunately, in November, another blow was dealt to the parents as Isaac suffered an infection, but it turned out to be a minor setback.

By November 28th, they were transferred to Furness General Hospital, which is closer to the family’s home in Barrow-in-Furness.

Thrilled about their arrival, their father took to his Facebook page to share the news with the world.  

Even now that they are home, Isaac still have to rely on oxygen for a while, but the parents are not fazed as their mum insists:

“Now is the perfect time for them to come home and be surrounded by loved ones.”

Christmas presents come in all shapes and sizes, and for this family, it is that they can all spend it together at home.

Once more, we are reminded that one of the joys of Christmas is being with family. Indeed that is one thing about the season that will never go out of fashion.

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