Super Successful Coffee-Shop Run By People With Disabilities Opens The Third Location In Three Years

Date January 15, 2019 15:21

Life has a lot of hassles and, sadly, it is much more difficult for individuals suffering from physical or mental disabilities.

Apart from often being discriminated and frowned upon by their counterparts, they are not usually fortunate when it comes to the social and professional grounds.

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According to statistics, about 70% of people with disabilities are unemployed.

Back in 2016, a mom, Amy Wright, decided to do something about it, and today, her ‘once little’ coffee shop has opened up its third shop.

Amy is a mother of four, and two of her kids, Bitty and Beau, live with Down syndrome.


It’s official! @bittyandbeauscoffee SAVANNAH is open!

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She was struck with the knowledge that there are scarce employment opportunities for people like her kids, and this is what led to the establishment of Bitty & Beau’s Coffee shop, a restaurant that gave a chance to these often segregated people to shine.

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Before the opening of the shop, Amy ran an NGO to help people with disabilities get jobs, but she thought it wasn't enough, hence, the coffee shop.

The first location was opened in Wilmington, N.C., in January 2016. At that time, she had only 19 employees.


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Over time, the coffee shop witnessed tremendous success. In a matter of months, they had almost doubled in size and had people from different places coming over.

It was a fantastic opportunity for people with disabilities to show themselves to the world and, as disclosed by Amy, the enthusiasm of the workers was what kept people coming back.


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Now, after about three years in business and a second location being innaugurated in February 2018 in Charleston, S.C., Amy's Bitty & Beau’s Coffee shop  launched  its third restaurant on the 12th of January 2019.


Our Charleston team is cheering for you Savannah! GRAND OPENING Saturday at 10am. Join us!

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And she hopes to open more locations and employ many more in different areas around the country.

Surprisingly, all profits made from the coffee shop go to Amy's non-profit organization ‘Able To Work USA,’ and it's all dedicated to her cause of helping individuals with special needs.


Christmas with our Charleston crew!

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Her selfless ambition has made the headlines several times, and have earned her many awards. Admittedly, it is well deserved.

Amy's story is proof that a lot of difference can be made, and all it requires is one person to put in the effort. We wish her the very best!

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