Mother And Daughter Team Up To Lose A Combined Weight Of 74 Pounds Within 100 Days

Date October 3, 2018 17:44

If you ever find yourself wondering what would be the perfect mother-daughter bonding exercise, try losing weight together! It just may be very rewarding and as much fun as these two had.

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Cheryl Shaw was sick of the extra load she had been carrying around and she finally decided to do something about it, but not without the help of someone else.

She got her 17-year-old daughter, Tessa, to join her and soon they became the Mother and Daughter Duo, which is what Cheryl’s Facebook page is called.

While she documented their progress on Facebook, she wrote that she wanted to lose about 100 pounds because she wanted her life back. She described feeling limited and disgusted with herself as she had had enough of her unhealthy lifestyle.

Luckily, she recognized that her daughter was on the same path and got her on board, so they began the journey together: A 100-day fitness challenge. As you can imagine, it was no walk in the park, but they stuck to it anyway.

They began preparing healthier meals and working out every day. They ran together, went to the gym together, and even did a bit of boxing! Can you imagine that?

Eventually, the hard work, dedication, and intense physical strain paid off. 100 days later, the had achieved a whopping weight loss of 72 pounds combined: Cheryl had lost 42 pounds, while Tessa had lost 32.

Despite the outstanding result, the badass duo did not let up. They continued their regimen, losing an additional 41 pounds six months down the line.

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Ever since a video of the pair working out and their transformation went viral, they have started offering weight loss coaching. They packaged what they did during the 100 days to help others get started on the journey.

Cheryl confessed that there were times when a cheat day lasted more than a day and stretched into a couple of days but, right now, who cares? It is obvious that in spite of how much of a struggle it was, she held on tightly to her determination and that alone is laudable.

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