A Garbage Man Restores Faith In Humanity: Harold's Kindness Towards An Old Man With Alzheimer's Brings His Daughter Close To Tears

Date October 12, 2018 14:49

Alzheimer's is a serious condition, and caring for someone with it can be very tasking. It's even worse when that person is a family member and one you are close with. You watch them change from the person you used to know because of a disease they have no control over.

However, when it comes to family, one has to show unconditional love and support both during the good and the bad times.

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Julie Bick’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's last year, and the diagnosis came a little after her mother had died. So, one can imagine the double whammy of bad news that this was. Owing to his condition, Julie, who has two children, had to move back home to take care of him.

Of course, as many people who have some experience would know, taking care of an Alzheimer's patient may involve taking away some things. Julie's father is not allowed to take his medications and has been stopped from partaking in chores and activities that used to be his pastime. They have also taken away the keys to his truck.

However, thankfully, there remains one activity that Julie's father loves doing, and it is one that she does not intend to stop him from doing anytime soon. He loves talking to Harold, the garbage man. Every Monday, Harold and Julie's dad have their routine chats, an activity which the old man loves very much.

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Members of the community have always known Harold to be a very kind man, and his dedication to his Monday chats with an ailing man is further proof of this.

On one particular Monday, very recently, Julie was in a very depressed mood and was crying somewhere her father wouldn't see her. Suddenly, she heard the garbage truck approaching.

According to her, her father began searching for a chair and she helped him get one, which he asked her to put on the driveway.

As she did, her father asked her to give him some space, stating that Harold was a religious man and he wanted to pray for both of them.

Julie stated that his statement made her realize that no matter what happened, he would always love her.

However, as she walked away, she looked over her shoulder and saw the most touching scene. Harold was on his knees beside her father, who was sitting down, and it was clear that they were praying.

Julie knew that she had to capture such a moment, and the picture she took and shared on Facebook has gotten over 14,000 reactions.

There is still a lot of good in the world, and it starts with simple, yet meaningful acts of kindness like Harold showed.

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