Little Boy Doesn't Let His Lack Of A Pen Keep Him From Going To School: He Uses A Substitute Pen Made Of Wood And Rubber Band


March 15, 2019 12:23 By Mambee

Life can be really tough when a family faces financial struggles. Everyone has to be resourceful and figure out how to get by with the bare minimum. But one might not expect a little child to have to worry about finding solutions to his problem without spending a dime. 

Little Boy Doesn't Let His Lack Of A Pen Keep Him From Going To School: He Uses A Substitute Pen Made Of Wood And Rubber BandMonkey Business Images /

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Not having adequate school supplies is one of the reasons why many struggling children are unable to go to school. Some simply end up quitting because pushing through with very little can be too challenging to deal with.

But this kid from Samar, in the Philippines, has become a viral sensation after this photo of him being extra smart and resourceful was shared online. 

According to reports, the boy was born to a poor family who couldn't afford to get school supplies, not even a pen for the boy to write with. Proving his determination to stay in school, this kid created a makeshift ballpen with the use of wood and rubber band.

The picture of the boy using his functioning writing material was first shared by a teacher, Maricor Baculanta, under the Facebook name Moshi De Vera-Bacs. She expressed how heartbroken she was when she saw what the boy was forced to use to write after she gave the class a quiz.

The kid had taken a ballpen refill, used a piece of wood as a base and held everything together using rubber bands. Rather than missing the quiz because he couldn't buy a proper pen, the boy found a solution that allowed him to stay in class.

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Since the photo made the rounds on social media, internet users commended the boy and some even promised to donate to ensure he never has to write with his makeshift pen again.

Others pointed out how stories like these serve as a lesson to some children who are careless with their school stuff and often lose them, confident in the fact that their parents can provide a replacement.

It may be a simple photo of a clumsily-made pen, but this story has an important life lesson. We should always be grateful for what we have because there are those who are forced to make do with much less.

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