Santa Honors 93-Year-Old World War II Veteran By Going Down On One Knee

Date December 13, 2018

A woman was going about her business in a mall when she noticed a fascinating interaction between the Santa there and an older man. She knew she definitely had to capture the moment.

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Gina Wilbur was watching as Santa passed by her and was hoping to take a photo of his jolly self when she noticed him stop. She was surprised to see Santa go down on one knee while talking to an elderly man who had been sitting in front of her. 

The man whom Santa was talking to was a war veteran named Bob Smiley and Santa wanted to thank the war hero for his service. This was definitely a shot that Gina could not miss. She took a picture of the moment and shared it on Facebook. 

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The photo became so popular that even Smiley's family got to see it and were touched by what Santa did. Both men were interviewed on Fox 29's Good Day Philadelphia, where they shared their experience. 

Santa explained that he felt that Smiley and others who gave up so much for other people, including sometimes laying their lives for their country, should always be honored. 

Smiley explained that, for his generation, being a part of the army was not something you had a choice in. 

We all went, we all served. Every boy in my high school graduating class all served.

He went on to reveal that in his graduating class, there were 35 boys who served. Unfortunately, five of them didn't make it.

Many people who saw the picture were in awe of Santa's gesture: Not only did he recognize a war hero but he also made sure to thank the man. Some took to the comments section to talk about what a great moment that was. 

Military men and women sure sacrifice a lot to ensure everyone else is safe and we think Smiley deserved this recognition and show of respect. His service to his country is definitely appreciated. 

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