Elderly Man Steps In To Show A Young Man How To Knot A Tie After Seeing Him Struggle With It At A Train Station

Date April 16, 2019

With so many bad news going around these days, it's easy to lose faith in the innate goodness and kindness of human beings. That's why heartwarming stories like this one are always a breath of fresh air.

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A young man received help from an unexpected source when he was struggling at a train station. According to this post shared on Facebook by Redd Desmond Thomas, the young guy was sitting down and trying to knot his tie, but he was not able to. 

An elderly woman standing close to him saw what was happening and asked the man if he knew how to fix a tie properly, to which he replied that he didn't.

The woman immediately tapped her husband and told him to go to the young man and teach him how to tie his tie. 

The older man did not hesitate for a minute. He walked on over to where the younger man was and began to give him step-by-step instructions. Then the elderly man watched as the guy repeated the steps he had just been taught and successfully fixed his tie.

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Redd said he was warmed by the exchange and decided to take a photo which he later shared online. People were touched by the story, based on the comments that followed the Facebook post.

The names of the impressive couple were Alfred and Adelina Alberghini. During the annual State of MARTA Breakfast in 2016, Alfred reportedly said that he was surprised at the way the whole encounter went viral.

He said he didn't think he did anything special except help a young man who needed it. Adelina did say that she noticed people bringing out their phones as her husband was helping the man with the tie and she stepped in when she realized their motives.

There were two young men standing on the other side and said, ‘This dude doesn't know how to tie his tie and we're gonna put it on YouTube.’ And I said, ‘No you're not. You are not gonna put it on YouTube. You are not going to hold this man up to any embarrassment. You put those phones away'.

Adelina said that she regretted not getting the young man's name, who happened to be on his way to work at the time, and added that helping him at that point simply came naturally to her and her husband.

It was such a seemingly small and insignificant moment but it told a powerful story of kindness. It's a reminder that no matter how bleak the world looks sometimes, you can always count on amazing people to lend a helping hand.

Is your heart warmed by this story? Keep the good mood going by watching this video for another equally touching tale.

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