Magician Wows BGT Judges With His Incredible Performance And

Magician Wows BGT Judges With His Incredible Performance And Brings Them To Tears


November 13, 2018 15:24 By Mambee

When you think of a magic performance, you probably never imagine that it could make you cry. These performances are entertaining, fascinating and sometimes funny. But a particular magician has upped his game, leaving Britain's Got Talent judges in tears. 

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Marc Spelmann stepped up to the BGT stage and announced that he was about to impress the judges and the audience with a magical performance. His act required each of the judges to participate and featured such props as books, crayons, and a Rubik's cube. 

During his act, Marc revealed that his wife, Tessa, was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was pregnant. This was after five years of grueling IVF. The cancer was so aggressive that Tessa had to undergo chemotherapy treatment while she was carrying their baby. There were fears that the child would not survive this but the couple chose to remain hopeful. 

When Tessa was seven months pregnant, doctors determined that she needed to undergo an even stronger treatment. As a result, the couple's baby, Isabella, was born via C-Section to give both mother and child higher chances of survival.

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For Marc and Tessa, Isabella's successful birth and good health were somethng to be deemed really magical. The father revealed during his performance that, despite honing his craft for years, he never saw true magic until two years prior, when his daughter was born. 

The little girl was a central part of his performance. He showed some videos of her coloring, playing with a Rubik's cube and also sleeping with her favorite penguin. All these things turned out to be quite significant to his show on the BGT stage. 

Tessa would later reveal to the UK DailyMail that she's cancer-free and survived the disease that have taken the lives of so many women. She said:

It is amazing to see Isabella today - she's magic. She's our world.

It was such a wonderful thing that the couple gave the world a chance to witness a slice of that magic. 

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