Quick Thinking Teenagers See Little Boy Dangling From A Ski Lift And Rushed To The Rescue


March 11, 2019 17:37 By Mambee

A group of teenage skiers is being hailed for coming to the rescue of a young boy who was dangling from a ski lift on Grouse Mountain. 

In a video shared online, a man could be seen holding on to the young boy while desperately trying to keep him from falling to the ground. There were many witnesses, some of whom watched in horror as the incident played out.

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Five quick-thinking young skiers immediately jumped into action when they realized what was going on. The young men grabbed some netting and held on to different sides so that it would cushion the effect of the boy's fall.

Getting the boy to let go and jump turned out to quite difficult, though. According to Gabriel Nielson, who spoke to Global News, it took a while to convince the child to kick off his skis and drop.

Quick Thinking Teenagers See Little Boy Dangling From A Ski Lift And Rushed To The RescueTODAY / YouTube

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Eventually, the boy understood that he had to trust those helping him so he let go and was safely caught in the net.

Thankfully, the eight-year-old boy was uninjured but was taken to a hospital to get checked out just in case.

In a statement made by Grouse Mountain and shared by KARE11, they appreciated the 13 and 14-year-old teens who assisted in the rescue and commended their heroic attempt. 

Julia Grant, Grouse Mountain's Communications Manager. also said the teenage heroes would be given free season passes.

The internet also praised the teens by applauding them on social media. 

Clearly, these were smart teenagers who knew exactly what to do when they saw someone in trouble. What was even more awesome was that they were able to determine a solution as a team and unite in their effort to help a child.

How Incredible!

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