A 93-Year-Old Veteran Had No Place To Go After His Town Burned To The Ground, Then A Couple Adopts Him

Date November 19, 2018

Tracy Grant met Lee Brundige for the first time while she was in a parking lot offering food to the evacuees that were escaping from the Camp Fire in Northern California. While talking to him, Tracy got to find out that Lee was a 93-year-old World War II veteran who had to flee his home as the wildfire was approaching. 

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Speaking to CNN, Tracy revealed that she felt a connection with the older man, but it took about a day for her to convince him to come with her. Instead of going home with Tracy that first night, he said he would rather sleep in his car.

Tracy was not very happy with the arrangement, but she understood he was a very independent man. She tried to make him as comfortable as possible by providing Lee with some blankets and a pillow. 

The next day, people were asked to evacuate the area where Lee was parked due to smoke. As a result, the older man was left with no choice but to take the kind stranger up on her offer. 

Lee was living alone before the devastating fire, as his wife had passed away. He had no prior knowledge that the fire was coming. It was not until his gardener was banging on his windows to wake him up one day that Lee realized he was in danger. 

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Tracy and her boyfriend, Josh Fox, gave Lee a place to stay. The elderly man has been living with the couple for days now and they are happy to have him for as long as he needs. 

Lee is incredibly grateful for Tracy and Josh's kindness. He told Inside Edition:

These people are angels to me. They bought me clothes and everything. I don't know how I'm going to thank them, but I'm going to try."

Taking in a stranger, especially an elderly one at that, is not something most people do naturally.

This couple has proven themselves to be life-changing samaritans.

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