Incredible: Hundreds Of Cows Come Together To Form The Shape Of A Cross In Honor Of Christmas Day

Date January 9, 2019

One farmer's Facebook video has left thousands of social media users in complete amazement, and all she did was ask some cows for help. 

Laura Duscherer posted the clip online. It showed a herd of cattle lining up in the shape of a cross on Christmas Day. At first glance, one might suspect that some form of Christmas miracle had taken place here.

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However, the truth is much less shocking but just as incredible. Laura said that, to get the cows in this formation, the family simply put their feed in the shape of a cross. As a result, as the cows headed to have their belly filled, they inadvertently formed a cross. 

Laura explained that the video, which she said was taken at her father's farm in North Dakota, was captured using a drone. 

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In the video description, Laura wished everyone a happy holiday season and then mentioned how blessed they were to live with their cattle in the open country. It was here that she explained that getting the cows for this special video was "team effort."

While speaking to 10 News, Laura revealed that the cows, which amounted to about 300 in number, simply followed where their feed was. She pointed out that because the animals would only stay put as long as there was food on the ground, they had to capture their miraculous-looking moment as quickly as possible. The entire thing took about 20 minutes.

The video has now been viewed over 48.000 times with many users sharing comments about how amazing it is.

What a unique way to celebrate Christmas. Well, we hope the cows had a great holiday season and a happy new year as well.

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