'We Were Unscathed': Pastor Reveals How His Church And Those Inside Were Saved From The Wildfire Despite Being Surrounded By Burning Buildings

Date November 22, 2018 19:17

Pastor Doug Crowder has a miraculous story to share in relation to the Northern California wildfire, a sea of flames that has led to several injuries, loss of lives and homes. On November 9th, Crowder, a pastor of Magalia Pines Baptist Church, and 30 people who had been unable to evacuate the town on their own. They had sought refuge in the church as the camp fire approached, but as things began to intensify, the pastor felt it was time for all of them to leave. 

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However, as Crowder was loading everyone into vehicles and they were about to drive to safety, the fire suddenly erupted.

While speaking to BP News, he explained that the woods surrounding them exploded and, out of nowhere, the restaurant across the street went up in flames. There was fire everywhere and the group had no choice but to race back into the church. 

They stayed in there and prayed for safety as they watched the flames in the buildings around them. It was a terrifying ordeal for everyone involved and they feared that the church could be next. 

However, they all emerged from the church the next day safe and sound. Everything around the church was burned to the ground. Crowder said:

We were totally unscathed -- totally.

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It truly was a miracle and the church chose to pay it forward by housing firefighters who had been battling the flames and people whose homes were destroyed in the fire. Magalia Pines also began making plans to feed the community and they intend to help people get back on their feet as soon as the public is given permission to return to the town.

Crowder revealed that he planned to preach a Veterans Day sermon about risking one's life to save others before the fire turned everything upside down. Now, he has an even bigger story to tell and a miracle to share.

I didn't get to preach it. But we got to live it.

He admitted that, even though it may take years for the town to completely recover, his church will keep standing and ministering for every step of the way.

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