2 Teenage Girls Prepare To Board A Flight. An Airline Agent Had A Bad Feeling And Ended Up

2 Teenage Girls Prepare To Board A Flight. An Airline Agent Had A Bad Feeling And Ended Up Saving Them From Human Trafficking


July 6, 2018 16:17 By Mambee

Two young girls were saved from human trafficking thanks to an airline agent who suspected something wasn't right.

The girls approached Denice Miracle, an American Airlines ticket agent at the Sacramento International Airport.

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As Denice was attending to them, she was surprised that these ladies were trying to board a flight to New York but they had no identification or return ticket.

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Denice had a bad feeling about the whole thing. So she immediately called the attention of Todd Sanderson, a Sheriff's deputy. 

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Together, they looked into the matter and at the end of the day, they saved the 15 and 17-year-old girls from being a victim of a possible human trafficking.

CBS Sacramento / YouTube

Sanderson, who spoke to FOX, believed that if Denice had not stepped in, the girls might have been in big danger.

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While speaking to CBS, Denice said her attention was drawn to how uncomfortable the girls seemed when they came to her ticket counter. Then, when she saw their first-class tickets and the little luggage they carried, she felt a little uneasy.

Upon further questioning, the girls revealed that they were traveling to New York to meet a man named Drey, who they had previously met on Instagram. 

'Drey' had promised the girls $2,000 if they would come to New York to model and perform in music videos. 

Denice, however, found out that the girls' flights were paid for with a fraudulent credit card. It all seemed so fishy that, at the end of the day, the teenage girls never boarded the airplane and were reunited with their families who had had no idea of their big plans.

According to KTRK, American Airlines praised Denice for her quick-thinking and observant skills.

Source: FOX News

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