Church Locked Jesus, Mary And Joseph In A Cage To Protest Against Trump's Detention Of Illegal Immigrants

Date July 5, 2018

A church in Indiana is protesting Donald Trump's immigration policy by putting the statues of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in a cage in their front lawn.


Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis wanted to place the Holy Family in 'ICE detention' to make a statement on the controversial policy of the Trump administration, which subject illegal immigrants and their children to detention.


Putting them in cages is a way to kick off the church's 'Every Family is Holy' campaign. The dean of the church, Steve Carlsen, explained that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were once homeless and had to flee their home to seek asylum elsewhere.

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Carlsen added that anyone who believed in the scriptures should understand how Christians are supposed to treat these immigrants."We are to show mercy and welcome them," he told CBS.


The church explained that the 'Every Family is Holy' campaign is aimed at bringing attention to the inhumane treatment experienced by the immigrants due to the United State's 'zero tolerance' immigration policy.


It was an associate clergy in the church, Cannon Lee Curtis, who came up with the idea of using the statues to make a statement.

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CCC Indy / Twitter

Carlsen also said that people easily forget that the immigrants are homeless and they do not have anywhere else to go. He also added that God would definitely be on their side and on the side of those who help them.

CCC Indy / Twitter

The statues were arranged in such a way that Joseph is looking down at Mary, who is holding the statue of baby Jesus.

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It reflectes popular manger scene, but, this time, the family is surrounded by a chain-link fence.

The fence was purposely made to look like the ones used in the detention centers near the US borders.

The church posted a tweet displaying photos of the statues, then a subsequent one praying for the families that are separated at the border. 

Source: CBS News

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