A Granddaughter's Gift: Couple Who Have Been Married For 68 Years Are Like Teens In Love Again In A Beautiful Photo Shoot

Date September 27, 2018

When we get married, we want it to last forever, and couples who achieved their happily-ever-after show us that it's possible to get there. 

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Ollie and Donald King, from Kentucky in the USa, have been married for 68 years, and they still look at each other with love and light in their eyes. In fact, they look very much like a pair of newlyweds. 

Last year, the couple's granddaughter decided to celebrate their anniversary by organizing an amazing photo session. She called on photographer Paige Franklin to do the honors.

While sharing her experience on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Paige said that taking this couple's pictures was a life-changing moment for her. She never loved her job more than she did at that moment.

She went on to explain that Ollie and Donald have lived on their farm for 30 years, so that was the location of the photo shoot. Donald even revealed their secret to a successful marriage. 

"Donald told me he and Ollie had never spent a night apart from one another," Paige told HuffingtonPost. And, according to Paige, Donald and his wife have never wanted, or preferred, anyone else over each other.

The couple has three children and five grandchildren, one of which is Ashley Owens, the one who set up the lovely photo shoot for her grandparents.

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Ashley wanted to celebrate her grandparents' love in a beautiful way but getting them to agree was a different thing entirely. Ollie and Donald did not want to "show off", apparently, but Ashley managed to convince them.

She explained that her grandpa and grandma are very private people and we imagine that had a hand in helping them keep their union strong.

Just looking at how Ollie and Donald held each other, laughed together and simply enjoyed one another's company throughout the shoot is proof that soulmates do exist.

Here's wishing this couple many more anniversaries. They surely deserve the best.

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