When 2 Teenagers Came To Her In Desperate Need For Help, A Janitor Created A Secret Closet


July 5, 2018 17:22 By Mambee

A custodian at a high school in Georgia, in the United States, is receiving heaps of praises after people found out about her special closet.

For a long time, Carolyn Collins focused on her janitorial duties. She cleaned the school, mopped the floors and made sure the bathrooms were well-stocked. Things seemed to be going fine.

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Then, a few years ago, everything changed. It all began when two teenage boys came to her and told her they were hungry and pleaded for her help,

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A heartbroken Carolyn did all she could to help the youngsters. She had to depend on the little she had at the time and did her best for them.

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The encounter made two things clear to Carolyn. First, she realised she could have something for the boys and, secondly, there were many more students out there who were in similar conditions. 

So she decided to make a change. She transformed one of the school closets into a supply room where she stocked all kinds of things a homeless and hungry teen would need: food, clothes, school supplies.

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Since then, Carolyn has served up to 30 kids a year from this closet. She bought most of the things in there with her own money and was dedicated to doing something for anyone who needed her help.

"These are our babies," Carolyn said in a video interview to 11 Alive. She added that all they wanted was to learn and she just wanted to take care of them. Another reason she was motivated to help the youths was due to a personal tragedy she experienced. Her son had been murdered during a home invasion.

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She decided, through her pain, to help as many young people as possible so they might not go the criminal route. "I’m just trying to stop our young boys from stealing and killing."

In addition, Carolyn is sharing her experience with teachers by telling them how to identify a student struggling with abuse or neglect.

I tell the teachers a lot, if you see a child always with their head down, with the same clothes on day after day, let me know!

Since she shared her story, many people have been coming forward with donations to help her cause and keep her special closet well stocked.

Source: 11 Alive / YouTube

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