You May Need To Stare At This Optical Illusion For Hours Before You Can Figure Out What's Really Going On

Date October 1, 2018 16:53

One factor that all optical illusions have in common is that things are not never as they seem. The one thing you'll need to do in order to get to the bottom of puzzles like this one is to look at it from a different perspective.

A few months ago, internet user @Boom_likean808 shared this picture on his Twitter page. 

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At first glance, it looked like a woman sitting on a chair and working on her computer while a man bent over to wrap his hands around her. Easy enough right? Well, not when you take a look at the caption which simply read, "At first I thought he was wearing the heels."

So, now we're confused. The man isn't wearing heels?! But that's exactly what it looks like!

And this is the exact dilemma that caused this post to have over 1600 comments. Many people expressed their frustration that, no matter how hard they looked, they could not see how it was possible that this man is NOT wearing a pair of heels. 

So what exactly is going on? This Twitter user explained it, and then most people realized that all they needed to do was look at the image differently. 

You see, the woman isn't the one sitting down, the man is. Then the lady is actually the one bending over to him so it makes sense that she's wearing heels now, right?

Still confused? Check it out using this nifty guide that was also shared online. 

An interesting puzzle, isn't it?

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The good news is that, if your brain needs a workout, there are many like this on the internet. Take the one below, for instance. Many people were confused as to how this dog could possibly be jumping off a plane.


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And then this young lady threw the internet into confusion when she shared a seemingly normal photo of herself trying on a pair of pants.

Fascinating stuff. There may be lots of reason to hate the internet, but you cannot deny that it offers us endless opportunities to laugh, grow and be mystified.

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