Boy With Autism Barely Speaks. Then His Dad Plays The ‘Hallelujah’ Song And Was Shocked When The Boy Sings Along

Date May 14, 2018

Being a parent of an autistic child can be very challenging. But these parents are extremely dedicated to helping their kids. And when the children reach certain milestones, the unspeakable joy in their hearts is impossible to describe.

This was exactly what Patrick King Sr felt when his son surprised him by singing along to a music he played.

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9-year-old Patrick Jr has autism. His condition is so advance that the boy barely spoke.

After dinner, one evening, Patrick's father put on a cover of the 'Hallelujah' song by Kaylee Rogers. The little guy was curiously watching his father sing with wonder.

Caters Clips / YouTube

However, it seemed something clicked in Patrick because after a while, his eyes widened and he began swaying back and forth to the music. With moments, he started singing the chorus of the song.

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This was a child who hardly ever spoke so this was an extremely miraculous occasion. The boy's younger brother, Adam, was also pretty amazed to see his normally silent sing. 

The video is pretty emotional and a reminder that anything is possible.

Another video was shared earlier this year brought tears to the eyes of many. A girl named Lydia was looking after her 2-year-old autistic little brother named Bo while their mom was in the shower.

When the mother came out, she saw Lydia playing the guitar to the song 'You're My Sunshine.'

Amanda Lee Gray/ YouTube

What took her breath away was that her son, who barely spoke, was singing along to his big sister's music. 

According to the mother, all the words Bo knew was through music and she was immensely pleased to see how this was very helpful.

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