Model Organizes Heartwarming Surprise Birthday Photo Shoot For His Sister With Down Syndrome


May 9, 2018 11:51 By Mambee

A model decided to organize an inspiring birthday photo shoot for his older sister with special needs and people are absolutely awed.

Chris Garafola / Facebook

29-year-old Chris Garafola, who made it to the list of Harper Bazaar's hottest guys to follow on Instagram, wanted to do something special for his older sister, Brittany, who has down syndrome.

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Chris Garafola / Facebook

Chris is certainly a successful model with over 63,000 Instagram followers and was even recently in a commercial of Falabella with actress Gisele Bundchen.

Chris Garafola / Facebook

While he's happy with his success, nothing means more to him than Brittany. He described her to PEOPLE as his "best friend from the beginning." He is dedicated to ensuring she has a good life and is healthy.

Chris Garafola / Facebook

Brittany has always been proud of his little bro's success in the modeling world. In fact, she hopes to be like him someday.

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Chris Garafola / Facebook

Her sister's desire was what gave Chris an idea. For Brittany's 32nd birthday, he recruited photographers, videographers, stylists and make-up artist to help throw his sister an epic and professional photo shoot. He was determined to make her dreams come true. 

Chris Garafola / Facebook

Chris gathered his team and they came together to figure out the best way to pull off the perfect birthday surprise for Brittany. 

Birthdays are huge for Brittany, she is talking about her birthday months before it happens.

Chris Garafola / Facebook

Brittany woke up on the morning of her special day and was made to believe she was simply going for a walk with her brother. Chris then led her to a team of people waiting and revealed the real reason why they were there. 

The beautiful birthday girl was thrilled. She gave her brother a big hug and could not hold back tears. It was very emotional. Then she got all dolled up for her shoot and had a fantastic time. 

Chris was incredibly glad that he put such a big smile on his sister's face.

Chris Garafola / Facebook

His hope is that the photos will raise awareness for people dealing with different forms of disability. 

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Source: PEOPLE