18-Month-Old Identical Twins With Down Syndrome Now Have A Modeling Contract

Date July 26, 2018

Hannah and Rachel are gorgeous identical twins who are already making a difference in the world.

SWNS TV / YouTube

The babies were born to Nardy Majias and her husband, Enzo Lattanzio, about 18 months ago and they have Down Syndrome. It's super rare for identical twins to have this condition so these cuties are special in more ways than one.

SWNS TV / YouTube

Nardy revealed that she had no clue her babies had Down Syndrome until they were born, as prenatal checkups did not give any indication. 

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The mom was, however, shocked to learn about her daughters' condition when they were three weeks old.

As soon as the parents found out, they immediately dove full-force into learning all they could about Down Syndrome and were determined to do all that was within their reach to help their little girls. 

"Caring for them brings us great joy," Nardy told SWNS. The couple admitted that things have not always been easy but they intend to make sure their babies reached their full potential. 

SWNS TV / YouTube

The parents are doing a fantastic job in this regard as both Hannah and Rachel are already on their way to stardom. 

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The toddlers have signed a contract with a modeling agency, Zebedee Management, which specializes in people with disabilities. 

Nardy and her husband want to ensure that their children will not be defined by their Down Syndrome diagnosis. They want to raise good, strong girls who have self-worth and are confident in their abilities.

They are determined to provide their daughters with the right opportunities to ensure their talents are well developed and celebrated. 

Nardy hopes her girls' story will inspire other families in the same situation to see past the drawbacks of Down Syndrome and focus only on hope, worth, and potential.

Source: SWNS TV / YouTube

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