Divine Message? Truck With The Word 'JESUS' On It Zooms By Just As Little Boy Is About To Be Baptized


August 9, 2018 14:54 By Mambee

There have been many instances of people who believe they received divine messages. Thankfully, some of these moments were caught on tape so we can get to witness them as well.

A sign from God

In 2016, mom-to-be Aley Meyer was very worried about the health of her unborn child. She told TODAY that she was concerned that her baby would be negatively affected by the medication she was taken at the time for Chron's Disease.

When she went in for her ultrasound one day, she saw something that absolutely made her jaw drop. There on the screen was what looked to be an image of a crucifix.

Aley was comforted by this image as it gave her faith that everything was alright. And it was. Her baby arrived, healthy as can be, a few months later.

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A baptism message

Dad Keith Barthold received his own divine message during his son's baptism about a year ago. In the video he shared on Facebook, his son, Landon, was in the water getting baptized.

Just as the child was about to be dipped into the water, a truck bearing the letters 'JESUS' sped by.

For Keith, that was too much of a coincidence to be anything but divine. This was certainly a message from above and many people who saw the video absolutely agreed.

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Since the video was published, it has received over 3 million views on Facebook and has been shared more than 53,000 times. 

Several of the commenters believe that indeed, this was a very special moment. It was pretty lucky that it was caught on camera as some would not even believe it happened otherwise.

Of course, there are those who will consider this a mere coincidence. But when it comes to sightings like these, all that matters is that the person who witnesses it is a believer.

Sometimes they serve as a source of hope when people need it the most, and as reminder that they are always being looked-after from above. 

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