Little Boy Born With 'Butterfly Skin' Continues To Hold On To Faith And Inspire Many

Date October 11, 2018

A  young boy has shown the true meaning of faith by holding on and maintaining a great attitude despite the fact that he's dealing with a merciless skin condition.

Marky was born with a degenerative disease known as epidermolysis bullosa. This condition, also referred to as 'Butterfly Skin', causes his skin to blister and tear with the slightest touch. His skin is very fragile and has been causing the little boy pain since he was born. But, somehow, Marky has shown unimaginable strength through it all.

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Marky's condition requires him to see a doctor very often and, quite often, his mother has to wrap his limps in bandages. The boy is also barely mobile and gets around using a wheelchair. 

During doctor's visits, he has undergone several procedures, but he does not let his smile slip. How does he do it? This young boy's faith is unshakable. 

Marky has a favorite song, which brings him hope no matter how bad things get. The song is by a band called Elevation Worship and it is called 'Resurrecting.' The song spread the world that, someday, all the pain will go away. The young boy is holding on to the belief that when he goes to heaven, his body will be healed and things will be better. 

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Since the first time Marky heard the song, he does not go a day without listening to it. This has become his chosen song anytime he has to go into surgery or undergo painful procedures. 

He even got to meet the band who sang the song and it was an incredible experience for the young lad. In a video shared by Elevation Worship, we can see Marky enjoying himself. His family had nothing but wonderful things to say about his courage.

He may not wear a cape, but little Marky has shown himself to be a real hero. He continues to fight every day and he has his family by his side. 

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