Veteran Feels Embarrassed When He Can't Pay For His Groceries. Then The Cashier Happily Foots The Bill

Date May 23, 2018

It seems like everywhere we turn these days there's always one piece of bad news or another. Thankfully, we can still find some good in the world if we choose to focus on it. And good samaritans will always renew our faith in humanity.

A man named Tim McKellar witnessed something amazing when he was at a Dollar General store and he simply had to share.

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Love What Matters / Facebook

According to him, an elderly gentleman came to the store to purchase a few things. When he arrived at the cashier's counter, he could not check out. Apparently, the man had forgotten his PIN number and, naturally, his card was declined. He tried a few more times, in hopes that he would get it right, but it was to no avail. 

While most cashiers would have gotten impatient at this point, and very likely would have sent the old man on his way, Jacob Wittman did something incredible instead.

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He brought out his wallet and swiped his own ATM card instead, which was accepted. He had just paid for the customer's groceries.

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The old man was shocked and confused. It took him a while to understand what had just happened. He asked the young cashier if he had just paid for his stuff, to which Jacob replied,"Yes, sir, I did. And you don't owe me a dime."

Love What Matters / Facebook

Tim pointed out that this was probably a young man who earned minimum wage and, chances are, he may not have enough to spare to pay for someone else's $20 groceries. 

Tim thanked Jacob for his kindness. After getting his permission, he took the boy's picture to share it with the world.

Let's give this Good Samaritan the acknowledgement that he deserves. Everyone please share this to help recognize this fine young man.

Jacob definitely deserves all the attention and praise he received. This truly is a man to emulate. 

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Source: Love What Matters / Facebook