Man Creates Real Size Car With Snow, And The Police Buys Into This Hilarious Prank

Date January 22, 2019 16:26

Winter time brings about snow banks that can be truly inspiring! And while some people build snowmen and snow fortresses, a man from Montreal, Canada, had his own unique idea.

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He created the full-size sculpture of a car, made entirely of snow. Simon Laprise, who happened to be a mechanic, recreated the famous Back To The Future vehicle, a DeLorean DMC-12, close to his house and in an illegal parking place. The work took him 4 hours.

His piece of art attracted the attention of the local police. The prank worked well, as the police officer who spotted the “car buried under the snow” called for back up. It took them a while to understand what was going on.

But instead of getting angry, they had a good laugh!

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When the officers realized the vehicle was fake, they gave it a fake ticket, writing “You made our night!”

That creation wasn’t meant for the police, however. Laprise told Daily News that he intended his prank for the snow removal brigade. They also could appreciate the man’s art. Unfortunately, it was destroyed quickly during the road cleaning.

Even though the snow masterpiece didn’t live long, it still got famous in social media! Do you think the sculpture looked very real? Or would you not have taken the bait?

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