Elderly Couple Who 'Are Still In Love' Stun The Viewers With Their Fairytale Pictures


March 13, 2019 13:26 By Mambee

True love lives beyond time and space. Whenever we watch romantic movies or witness real love-stories, our hearts melt. Pure love is everything we crave for, and that is why watching couples who remain affectionate to each other through the years cause so much admiration!

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A photographer from Russia, Irina Nedyalkova, could capture the tender moments shared between two lovebirds, an elderly couple. Models Sergei, who is 45-years-old, and Valentine, 62, looked like fairytale characters on set, even though they have never seen each other before.

They improvised, snuggling, exchanging sweet touches and kisses, which created an amazing atmosphere of love. Every photo radiates warmth!

How hard is it to keep the fire alive in long-term relationships? We wish we could ask these two!

Psychologists suggest that there are 7 main things that we can do that affect the quality of relationships and prolong love.

1. Don’t forget about romantic talk. Love has many languages but the sweet words act like magic sometimes.

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2. Physical touching builds deeper intimacy between two people, and it’s not always about time in the bedroom. Innocent touching, embraces, smacking on the cheek and caressing your partner's hair send signals about intimacy and closeness.

3. Have private time apart from children, grandchildren and daily errands. Going out on dates to break your usual routine adds romance and fuel your passion.

4. Do not ignore eye contact during daily communication, especially sweet moments.

5. Communicate openly and freely with each other, especially when it comes to feelings and emotions. Couples very often end up discussing the news and their daily life, but they forget about sharing their inner world with their partner.

6. Help and share the duties. One of the most common reasons for separation is too much load on one spouse.

7. Think about how much quality time you spend together. Instead of starring at a screen, you may dedicate time to your beloved. Unplug and enjoy being together.

Whenever a person feels that romance is fading, it is necessary to take steps to freshen up the relationship again. Being mindful and attentive to each other and to your own self is crucial to building a strong and healthy bond.

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