Is That A Proof That God Is Real? The People Say They Recognize God Walking On The Cloud On The Footage Of The Stormy Sky

Date July 3, 2018

An ordinary footage of a storm in Alabama turned out to reveal something miraculous, according to some viewers' beliefs.

The nasty weather captured on video shows the sky covered with heavy dark clouds.

Solo Dodo / Facebook

There was one white spot, though, that attracted the camera's owner's attention.

Solo Dodo / Facebook

When the video was uploaded to Facebook, people revealed what they really saw in the sky.

Solo Dodo / Facebook

People who watched the footage believe that if you stare at this white area, you can see God walking on the clouds.

Solo Dodo / Facebook

The shadowy figure resembling a person can be recognized moving peacefully through the sky.

It seems like the figure is walking on behind the dark gray cloud.

The viewers naturally have different opinions, and they are divided into believers and skeptics. While the first rejoice in the miracle and feel blessed to witness God, others associate such mass reaction with ignorance.

Solo Dodo / Facebook

Needless to say, the video has gained crazy popularity. People wish to witness the presence of God, however, may it be a case of seeing what one wants to see?

Some believe that the Devine presence was not accidental, as the weather conditions were really severe, and the man who filmed it claimed that the storm had cause a power outage already.

The humanoid figure walking through the sky was considered as a sign that God was watching over the city, guarding the people and protecting them against a disaster.

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