Baby Found In A Shoebox With Undeveloped Limbs Grows Into A Positive Young Man Who Unveils His Innate Talent

Date November 22, 2018 16:07

When this contestant in the X Factor Australia shared his story, both the audience and the judges were left with tears in their eyes. Emmanuel Kelly came to the show to fulfill his old dream and sing on the stage.

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X Factor Global  / YouTube

The boy was born in Iraq, but he was abandoned by his real parents.

Because of chemical attacks in Iraq during the dragged-out war, Emmanuel and his brother, Ahmed, were born with undeveloped limbs. The brothers were left in a shoebox at the mercy of their fate.

The babies would have died if it were not for the nuns who found them.

As they grew up, the boys dreamed of having a family. Life in an orphanage in Baghdad was hard for them, until one day when the Australian humanitarian Moira Therese Kelly met them and took them to Australia.

Emmanuel and Ahmed desperately needed medical and psychological care, but most of all they needed motherly love, something taken for granted by many, but essential for the development of self-confidence and a sense of security.

Luckily, Kelly became more than just a caregiver. She grew fond of boys and adopted them, giving them her last name.

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X Factor Global  / YouTube

Emmanuel and Ahmed could finally feel they had a home! The judges could not fight back their tears while listening to the boy’s story.

He was standing in front of them, filled with optimism and enthusiasm, and when he finally started singing, he unveiled his natural singing talent. The boy performed Imagine, by John Lennon, to the crowd's roaring ovation.

He had his wonderful family behind the scenes to support him – his mother and brother Ahmed.

When Emmanual heard “yes” from the judges, he could not be happier, and the way he hugged his mother was demonstrative of the overwhelming love between them.

It is because there are still people like Moira Therese Kelly that humanity has a chance to survive! It’s wonderful to see their happy and well-knit family!

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