Soldiers Recreate "Call Me Maybe" Video Clip, And Totally Overshine The Original

Date November 7, 2018

You’ve probably heard this amazing song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae! Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders made it viral, and honestly, it reminds us of summer, and trouble-less time at the beach with friends!

But the squad of American soldiers with a military base in Afghanistan posted their own version of this video clip. Their routine is far from being trouble-less! However, what they definitely have in abundance is the sense of humor! They recreated the famous video and overshone the original. Hard to believe? You can see by yourself!

The soldiers have probably the most stressful jobs ever, and they had all the right to have fun. Instead of the sandy beach, they use sandy landscape, base showers, and even the military vehicles in the clip.

The lack of necessary equipment did not stop these creative fellows; on the contrary, it gave them room for imagination!

We never stop admiring the priceless sacrifice they give to their nation. By choosing military life, they have to be deployed overseas away from homes, family, and friends. Every day they put life at a risk! But despite that all, they know how to reduce stress by going crazy and having all fun in the world!   

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