Footage Shows 2-Year-Old Who Defies The Odds And Starts Walking Despite Spina Bifida Diagnosis

Date August 8, 2018

This cute 2-year-old, Roman Dinkel, is a true miracle for his family. The boy was diagnosed with Spina Bifida while still in the womb, but his parents, Whitney and Adam Dinkel, wanted to keep the baby more than anything. Now, they rejoice as Roman keeps defying the odds.

Recently, the boy started to walk with the help of crutches! The heartwarming footage features him taking a few steps in his home, and gushing about his success.

As the dog was hanging around, the toddler exclaimed: “Look, Maggie! I am walking, Maggie!”

His cheerful laugh is everything that you need to begin a new day on a good note! The way he is proud of himself is truly priceless.

The family shares this brave boy's story on a Facebook account, a reminder that success does not have to be elusive, and you should never be scared of any diagnosis!

Spina Bifida means “split spine” and this condition occurs pretty commonly in the USA. During the prenatal development, the baby’s spine and spinal cord do not develop properly, which may result in physical and mental disabilities in the future.

These babies usually have weak leg muscles, unevenly shaped hips or feet, and curved spines. Even though these issues make the walking process complicated, young Roman proves that it’s not impossible.

The condition is curable, and 90 percent of babies born with Spina Bifida can live normal lives when they reach adulthood. God works in a mysterious way, so it is one more reason to never give up to the disease.

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