Down Syndrome Teen Shares Important Message To The World After Becoming Beauty Pageant Winner

Date August 22, 2018

Everything that she has ever wanted was to start a modeling career. Kate Grant was born with Down Syndrome, but despite the diagnosis, she has always felt she has the inner powers to make her dreams come true.

Now, 19-year-old Kate became the winner of the global beauty pageant and received the proud title “Teen Ultimate Beauty Of The World.”

That moment of success was victorious as well as surprising, as the teen did not expect to be picked out of 40 other candidates. However, she was the one to stand out among others with her extraordinary spirit and beauty inside and out.

The event was held to support the charity the Make-A-Wish Foundation that helps children in need, and to celebrate beauty in all its manifestations.

During the speech on the stage, the teen said: “I want the next generation who have any special needs to know the true meaning of beauty is who you are, not what you look like. Kindness, compassion and inner ­sparkle, that’s the ultimate beauty. If the judges saw that in me then I’m happy.”

The young girl’s life started in a dim of fears and doubts. Her mother was warned against the life challenges accompanied by Down Syndrome – the speech delay, inability to support a conversation, physical issues, and a bunch of health risks linked to the condition. Despite that all, Kate thrived.

She got fond of makeup, fashion, and style and set her sights on becoming a professional model. She found an ultimate support from her parents, but the fashion world was not so hospitable.

Deirdre Grant, Kate’s mother, kept sending emails to the agencies with girl’s pictures but only rejections were coming in return. Until one day, when Deirdre posted a prom picture of Kate on Facebook.

The mother asked the community for advice on a touchy issue -  whether it was right to encourage the Down Syndrome teen to hope for modeling future. The feedback was astonishing – the post attracted mass attention, including the beauty pageant director Taylor-Rae Hamilton. He invited Kate to represent her native Northern Ireland on the contest, and she happily agreed.

Now, she is participating in charity projects, which allows her to help and motivate young people everywhere.

Kate told Mirror: “Most importantly I’ll be involved in an appeal where we’ll deliver hundreds of toys to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. I want to give poorly children a moment of sunshine.”

The teen’s world turned upside down after winning the contest. She turned into an aspirational figure for people with special needs who still doubt in reaching their dreams.

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