After Fight With His Mom, 13-Year-Old Calls The Police To Say He Wants To Run Away From Home - Cop Goes Beyond Duty And Helps Out


May 24, 2018 10:43 By Mambee

When Officer Acerra responded to a phone call from an upset 13-year-old boy, he couldn't have imagined the series of events that would result from it.

When the police officer arrived at the designated address, 13-year-old Cameron was sitting on the front porch, crying because he wanted to get away from home.

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After fighting with his mother, the boy didn't want to live with her any longer. He admitted his mom had scolded him because the young boy was playing video games with his elder brother. 

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At first, Officer Acerra was taken aback, but rather than leave he decided to take a look at the family house, and it was only then that he understood the gravity of the situation.

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Cameron's bedroom was almost empty - with no furniture except for an air mattress that granted him a back pain every morning.

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The boy admitted that his mother had fallen on hard times when the family moved to South Carolina, as they had to care for a sick relative.

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The police officer got a big lump in his throat as the 13-year-old described some of the struggles his family had to face. As he looked around the empty rooms and bare walls of the house, Officer Acerra understood Cameron wasn't joking.

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Unable not to take action, Officer Gaetano Acerra decided to do something unexpected - something beyond his daily call of duty. So he came up with an extraordinary plan to help the boy out.

In a few weeks, Acerra returned with a chair, a desk, a queen-sized bed, and a television for the teenage boy. Cameron even received his own Nintendo Wii, which was donated after a kind soul heard about the family's hardship.

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The police officer even provided Cameron's brother with a full bedroom and an air hockey table for the boys to play together. The 13-year-old was moved to tears, and his grateful mom couldn't believe her eyes, either.

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This officer's simple gesture ultimately became a humane chain of kindness and this is something we all should learn from. His urge to help the boy out was something above and beyond the officer's call of duty, but this is a true example of how just one kind-hearted person can change people's lives for the better.

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