The Cutest Plant: This Succulent Looks Exactly Like Adorable Jumping Dolphins

Date June 27, 2018

Senecio peregrinus is the latest animal-like plant making headlines! Its leaves look exactly like adorable jumping dolphins! In fact, this unique succulent is a hybrid of a Sting-of-Pearls and a Candle Plant. Whoever created the incredible dolpin-like plant must be a genius!

itsasucculentworld / Instagram

The result of the experimental hybrid is what you can see in the pictures: The adorable plant sprouts dolphin-like leaves off its stems, and each leaf is shaped like a crescent moon with protuberances that resemble flippers. 

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Pavaphon Supanantananont /

Now you understand the reason most people equate the leaves of this plant to a frenzy of tiny jumping dolphins!

itsasucculentworld / Instagram

What's even more remarkable about this succulent is that it manages to maintain its dolphin-like appearance as it grows. 

succs_in_fog / Instagram

Rabbit succulent, or Monilaria obconica, also have leaves that resembles animals. However, they fail to be as impressive, as its bunny ears disappear as the plant gets bigger.

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Senecio peregrinus, on the other hand, keeps its shape, no matter how big it gets. What's more, it blossoms with beautiful pink and white flowers.

plantsaloe / Instagram

Because the dolphin succulent is a hybrid, finding it might be a pretty tricky task. However, if you manage to find some, they would be an amazing addition to a shell-decorated ocean-themed therrarrium!

heckinhedgewitch / Instagram

Although dolphin-like succulents seem to be unique, they aren't the only plants resembling animals. Look at these pictures! Which animals do these pants bear a resemblance to?

Myimagine /

Meet Cactus Opuntia, looking exactly like a rabbit!


This wonderful plant is known as Cotyledon tomentosa. It bears unique resemblance to bear or kitten paws!

Nil Kulp /

Meet the Sanseviera species! Needless to say, this exotic plant is a snake's closest look-alike! Although you might not want to have some Sanseviera species at home, they can add an exotic pinch to your garden appeal!

yymplantlover / Instagram

If you can't allow having a four-legged bunny in your house, you adore dolphins but live too far from the ocean, transform the atmosphere in your home with these animal-like plants!

There's no doubt that jumping dolphins will make you burst with happiness each time you look at them!

Source: PopSugar

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