Scotland's Oldest Woman Reveals Her Longevity Secret: It's All About Eating Porridge And Avoiding Men!


May 7, 2018 11:29 By Mambee

When Jessie Gallan was 109 years young, she was officially the oldest living woman in Scotland. She had a lot to give credit for it - working hard, knitting, having independence, eating porridge, and... Oh, avoiding men!

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As Jessie Gallan managed to turn 109 and stay in apparent mental and physical condition, she knew how to live longer, and you have no choice but believe her.

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When asked about her longevity secret, Jessie said that eating porridge each day at the morning helps a lot. However, the most important thing is to avoid men!

That's right. It seems like Jessie's secret to healthy and long life was all about hiding from men all the time. 

Throughout her 109-year-long life, Jessie had never been married. She was born in a tiny two-room farmhouse, working really hard since teenage years.

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The centenarian has been financially stable and independent throughout her entire life. Jessie slept top-to-tail with her siblings, one brother, and five sisters, on a straw-filled mattress.

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When Jessie turned 13, she left the farm cottage to work as a milkmaid. Since then, she started working hard for living on her own and suiting herself with whatever she needed. 

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Recollecting those times, Jessie Gallan said: 'I worked hard and seldom would I ever take a holiday.'

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Mrs. Gallan has never married, believing that this is the factor granting her a long, full-fledged life. She always believed that men 'are just more trouble than they're worth.'

When Jessie Gallan was living in the senior support center, its worker Rebecca Streeter said that Jessie was very active, participating in all activities, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Maybe the secret to the longevity of women is finally revealed? What do you think of Jessie's approach? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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