An Incredible Weight Loss: Woman Celebrates Shedding 300 Pounds And Publishes Saucy Before-And-After Photos On Her Instagram


April 26, 2018 10:31 By Mambee

Once the new year rolls around, we all are forced to give ourselves countless promises, taking a closer look in the mirror. So we take stock of ourselves, trying to remain as honest as we can.

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When Lexi and her husband made New Year resolutions at the threshold of 2016, they decided it was the prime time to shed their excess pounds, and they would not ever allow this resolution to be tested. 

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The couple, who exchanged their marriage wows in 2015, weighed a total 765lbs and gorged a combined 8,000 calories a day before they worked off a half of their excess weight in just 12 months since they started.

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Their incredible weight loss journey started at the very beginning of 2016 when the two decided to change out of all recognition. At the moment this decision was made, Lexi was somewhat about 500 pounds, and Danny almost reached a 280-pound plank. The couple stuck to their guns each and every other step of this remarkable way. 

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In a year after this journey began, the two are just as fit and in love as always.

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Danny and Lex credit their desire to tackle the process hand in hand for allowing them to get through it. Lexi began the journey as a size 28 and has since shrunk to a 10. Danny has also dwindled significantly, going down from a 46 pant size to a 32. 

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Initially, the couple didn't have some sort of a plan to follow. They just traded fast-food meals for healthy food and started exercising sessions for 5-6 times per week. In addition. Lexi visited Zumba classes regularly, what helped her achieve such remarkable results!

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On her Instagram page, Lexi tells about how fat she has come, encouraging others to embrace change and become better.  Now nearly two years since the beginning of this journey have passed, but Lexi is still on the track. She managed to lose more than 300lbd, weighing now 182lbs. Danny also didn't trail far behind her, clocking in at 191lbs. 

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Lexi, who lost a wowing 303lbs in as few as 18 months has just celebrated this unbelievable achievement, sharing a saucy photo of her husband holding her up with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

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The story of Danny and Lexi's weight loss is one of those serving as the kick in the pants for all those, not capable of shedding several pounds of excess weight. 

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In celebration of her remarkable achievements, Lexi posted the photos capturing her in her old clothes. 

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Hopefully, this year will bring even more wonderful achievements of this adorable couple!

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