The Sweetest Reunion: 3 Girls Battling Cancer Posed For The Now-Famous Photo - And Their Update Will Move You To Tears!


May 8, 2018 10:04 By Mambee

In 2014, photographers Christy Goodger and Lora Scantling decided to create a photo project that would change their lives forever. When Scantling's stepfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, Lora decided to pay tribute to him for his self-sacrificing battle. 

Before Scantling's stepfather has passed, Lora worked as a photographer capturing the most precious moments-to-remember.

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However, her stepfather's sad experience inspired her to create something more meaningful. That was the point where the project dedicated to pint-sized cancer survivors began. Lora gave it a very symbolic name - 'Little Fighters.'

Three young girls managed to stand out from the rest project participants with their photo going viral around the world. The photo captured 6-year old Rheann Franklin with a rare brain tumor, 5-year-old Ainsley Peters with leukemia, and 3-year-old Rylie Hughey with kidney cancer.

All thee girls were looking like angels, that's why their photo resonated with millions of people across the globe.

Good news is that the girls reunited in less than a year after the photo was taken. This time, Lora didn't capture their battle with cancer, however.

As you can see, Rylie and Ainsley now have a short hair and look very happy for an incredibly good reason.

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The new photos of three little models marked a significant milestone in their lives, as they all were officially in remission. The photographer remembers how happy the girls were to wear bright outfits that matched their good spirits.

Even though their battle with cancer is over, Scantling isn't ready to stop photographing them yet. She wants to keep hope alive, making as many photos of Rylie, Ainsley, and Rheann as she can. This magical trio can encourage people across the globe to compete with cancer until they win!

For this year's photos, the trio of girls was joined by someone else. The new face in this year's photo shoot is a 3-year-old Connor Lloyd. Lora Scantling is the photographer of boy's family, and when she found out the little boy had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she invited him to join girls.

The inspiring photographer says that 'people have kind of forgotten what the original purpose of the picture was for' because all three girls are now in remission.

As Connor Lloyd is responding to treatment pretty well, Lora Scantling counts on seeing him again for the next photo. Hopefully, boy's new picture will also capture his 'remission' moment!

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