When Store Manager Heard The Voice Of Woman Screaming In The Toilets, He Opened The Door And Stopped Dead In His Tracks: Woman Was Having A Baby!

That Friday morning was just another working day for manager of the Atlantic Superstore Malcolm Comeau. There was nothing out of the ordinary as Malcolm went about his business until he heard an agonizing scream coming somewhere from the washrooms. 

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It was Ashleigh Miller Cross screaming in the toilets. The proud mom of 10-months-old girl went to the store with baby by her side, as she took her little daughter wherever she went.

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This is what made this incredible fateful day even more frantic and unforgettable, both for Ashleigh Miller Cross and the store manager. 

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Malcolm knew somebody was in trouble when he heard awkward screams, so he didn't think twice to race off and investigate what was going on. Little did he know what would he see there, as even more than three decades of working experience couldn't have prepared him good enough for the sight he was presented then.

Ashleigh Miller-Cross, originally from Oldham, north U.K., was giving birth to her second child in the Atlantic Superstore toilet in Canada. 

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While out shopping, the mom suddenly felt pain. As she couldn't clearly understand what it was, she headed for the washroom for some privacy. 

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Shortly after that, Malcolm Comeau finished his lunch break, going about his duties in the store. When he heard the screams, he rushed to the toilets and stopped dead in his tracks. 

When the screams didn't stop, the store manager decided to open the door to see what was going on. Malcolm saw Ashleigh in the middle of the process of giving birth. Though Comeau wasn't a medical man, he could easily evaluate the situation on the spot, as the baby was halfway out!

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Comeau immediately sprang into action, leaving Ashleigh with his supermarket colleague who had immediately joined him. Though Malcolm was severely shocked, he managed to stay cold-headed and use his phone to call the emergency. 

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With the help of bystanders, the newly-coined mom of two managed to welcome a healthy 8-pound baby boy. The ambulance arrived quickly and took Ashleigh and her newborn boy to the hospital. The baby later received a beautiful name - Ezra. 

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Before going into labor, the woman had no clues that she was pregnant and the second child was on the way. She explained that the fact of her previous pregnancy - only 10 months ago - may have tricked her, as she couldn't think she was pregnant again. 

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